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Membership “Lifetime” One time payment.


All artist who purchased the artist membership will be reviewed properly. Please have an mixed & mastered track with artwork. After purchased you will receive an email with further instructions. Once information is received, it will only take up to 1-3 days to be uploaded to our site and app. 


Benefits from signing up.⤵️

  1. Get promoted to major labels, DJs,A&R, and producers.
  2. You’ll get forwarded to club promoters for performance opportunities. 
  3. You can make money off your music on our platform if you’re registered with any online digital store. We can forward your link to customers (fans) for song purchase from our platform.
  4. All artist on this platform are unsigned, you will not be overshadowed by any major label Artist names unlike other platforms.
  5. We have social media forwarding options on your Artist profile so fans can follow you on social media. This is an great way to gain new fans over the years with us.
  6. We only offer a one time payment but with that one time payment you can swap songs whenever you make a new song or simply just add a new song to your profile.

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