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Son of Janus

December 21, 2023


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Ryan Hayes is known in the music world as Son of Janus, a solo musical artist from Rockford, Illinois.  Ryan is known for writing songs with a thought provoking and at times, snarky lyrical style.  The music takes influences from the 80s and 90s Rock, such as Pink Floyd and Radiohead, that sometimes flirt with the Avant Garde.  The lyrics are delivered by Ryan’s deep, theatrical, and unapologetic vocals, which have been compared to the likes of Peter Murphy and David Bowie.  For the most part, Ryan performs all of instrumentation himself, in his studio, that he likes to call The Gates of Janus.

Son of Janus first came onto the music scene on October 15th, 2021, when he released his first original single, Addiction.  This was followed by two more singles, For a Change, and Head Rush, which all appeared on his first self-titled album, Son of Janus, which released in May of 2022.  This effort won Ryan Hayes critical acclaim with a RAMI award, for Composer of the Year.

Now Son of Janus has released a new single, The Clocks, on September 29th, 2023.  This will be followed by another single, Born Again, on October 27th.  For these songs, Son of Janus has added a drummer, Dwayne Meyer.  Also added is songwriter and guitarist, Chris Thalman, who also co-wrote Born Again.

These singles pave the way for the next album from Son of Janus, The Ruins, scheduled for release on November 17th, 2023.  This will be launched with an album release party, featuring new musicians to the band, Mike Coulahan (Bass), and Tony Berman (Drums). 

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