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Ed Harvest

November 16, 2023

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Ed Harvest was born in San Juan Puerto Rico in 1998. He started playing saxophone at the age of four later on learning Guitar, Bass, Drums, flute and vocals throughout the years. He was raised in a house heavily influenced by classic rock music as well as typical puertorican music. So his influences in his writing are mostly from artists like Billy Joel, Eric Clapton, The Beatles, and many bands of that era. From newer artists his biggest influence was Mac Miller.

“When he died I felt as if the world lost a big part of it. Made me want to write better music with respect to his talent.

Ed was always doing music. Most of his summers he went to Band Camp at Interlochen Center for the Arts and also participated in the Berklee 5 week at 14 years old. He won second place in the Berklee High School Jazz Festival Competition with his jazz quartet “Guess Who Jazz Quartet". In 2017, at age 19 he was awarded a scholarship to go to Berklee College of Music. He started his studies in Music Therapy in 2022.

Where it’s now

Ed Harvest graduated from Berklee College in 2021 and is now residing in California. Ed currently has 9 singles released and is working on his debut album.

“With music therapy I wish to help people get through life with music. Something that we take for granted since it’s such a common thing everyday. But when one gets to share vulnerability through music it is truly a much different experience.”

“With my music I wish to change many lives as well. That my point of view in situations can be of aid for thosewho may feel stuck in life.”

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